Voyage To Utopia Fashion Show

A couple weeks ago my boyfriend & I had the opportunity to attend the Voyage To Utopia Fashion Show at Mary Mount University. I was contacted by my friend Dana, who is the Assistant PR Coordinator for the Fashion Show. I met her through instagram a while back & was asked if I wanted to attend the fashion show, takes pictures, & blog about it. um, of course! I had never been to a fashion show before accept in High School, and this was by far 110% better than what I had been to previously. 

The entire fashion show was student run & the proceeds went to support KaKenyas Dream which is an educational center in Kenya that "helps instill the importance of education in young girls." "The school serves some of the area's most vulnerable & underprivileged girls & focuses on academic excellence, health education, female empowerment, leadership and community development."

During the entire show I was intrigued by all of the wonderful and unique outfits that each woman & men {a couple} wore. They strutted their stuff down the runway gleaming with confidence & beauty. I wasn't ready for the show to be over!

I was & still am learning how to use my camera so being asked to be a photog was an honor. I had fantastic seating & was able to get some amazing shots. Here are some of the {500} shots that I took. None of them have been edited, they are in their original form. 

Thank you Dana for giving me the opportunity to go. I had a fantastic time!

Enjoy. xx