spring wardrobe color must-haves

This week has been an extremely low week for me -- too the point where I notice that pretty much everything bothers me, I don't feel like doing anything & I am in the worst mood EVER. & to be honest I am not digging this feeling at all. All week I have been constantly pinching myself to snap myself back into reality so that I don't get upset at the silliest little things ever.  & to be honest I am not sure what has put me in this funk -- it could be because I am done with classes FOREVER on Friday & it is starting to set in OR it could be because I miss my other half. I really hate being away from Nick & I am so ready to not have a long distance relationship anymore but unfortunately that won't change until next May :/ I have just been praying to let the Lord help me get through this difficult time & help me get through this next year of clinical rotations, cause I know that I can't get through it myself.

now enough of venting. on to the pretty things.

I am currently trying to stock up my spring wardrobe. & every magazine I look at or pinterest outfit I see that has beautiful pops color -- calls my name. & this years go-to colors are mint green, hot pink, tangerine orange + sunshine yellow. These colors can be warn alone or you can add them together to make the perfect outfit! I am not sure about you, but I am gonna be on the hunt for these colors to help spruce up my outfits this spring! 

what about you, what are your spring color must-haves?