five things about me.

Yesterday I busy putting together this beautiful new blog design for my twin & I couldn't be more estatic! I a beyond excited for how it turned out :] & because it took me quite some time to get done & I had to fit in some studying as well I didn't get around to writing a new post for you lovies! So I wanted to share this post that I put together a couple weeks ago that was featured on {& eveything nice}. Anna started a blog series called "Five Things" & it could be any five things from my five favorite movies to five things I do before I get ready for bed! ha yeah im sure you guys really want to know about that. Butttttt I stuck with five things about me :] I really enjoyed putting together this little tid bit about myself because it helped me think long & hard about who I am & what things are important to me. 

enjoy my little bloggies.