friday fancies | patterned shorts

Patterned shorts are not something I wouldn't usually rush out to the store and buy, but after seeing all these fabulous patterned shorts in action I think I might be hooked! Honestly, how cute are these looks? Especially those aztec print shorts, swoon! I would totally rush out & buy those, but they are no where to be found. I already tried to hunt them down, sad face. & l o v e the top left outfit with the sequin clutch. I would never have thought to pair those items together, but they do look good! For my outfit this week, I used these fabulous outfit inspirations & threw together two outfits with the same shorts ;  one with a bright neon tank & the other with a simple black tank. I honestly love either one, but it really depends on what kind of look you are going for! 

I wish you all a lovely weekend. This weekend is going to be the start of a bitter sweet month.  My little brother Aaron has prom on Saturday & he has a date! ahhhhh. Ok, so I am not really freaked out, just sad because reality will hit me on Saturday when I see him all dressed up & getting SO friggin big! & the following weekend he is graduating high school, oh. em. gee. makes me feel old! My brother is such an amazing young man & even though he is 7 years younger then me he teaches me stuff all the time. Honestly, I am going to miss him when he leaves for college in the fall, but am so very proud of him. boo hoo.