a graduation affair

dress [banana republic] |  shoes [jessica simpson]  | watch [michael kors] |  necklace [express]  |  bracelets [pandora, lia sophia, & vintage]  |  ring [tiffany&co > similar & grandmothers]  | nail polish [essie > french affair, zoya > reagan, zoya > shelby

This is one of my favorite dresses that I own & I wish that I got to wear it more often. The last time I wore this dress was last Memorial Day when Nick & I attended a wedding, So when I saw that this past weekend was going to be nice & sunny I knew exactly what dress I wanted to wear. The pinks + purples just make it a super fun chic dress :] The other *best* part was that my handsome other half matched me with his light pink shirt & grey pants, & he did that ALL on his own. I can take absolutely zero credit for his styling skills! & This was Nicks first shot at his photog skills & I have to say that he did rather good, even with my control self, he probably thinks he can never take a single picture right! ha

This week I have been extremely tired for some reason. I just don't feel like doing a n y t h i n g. & the sad part is I don't even work that long of hours. I probably work a max of 4-5 hours a day, but when I come home I just want to lay in bed. Yesterday I did manage to try to take a 30 minute nap & failed, but did make it to the gym for 40 minutes, but even when I was there my mind was else where thinking about everything that I needed to be doing such as: cleaning my room, doing laundry, writing a blog post, finishing blog designs, studying for my exams that I have in two weeks, sleeping, & I am sure the list could go on & on. I treated myself to fro-yo when I got done at the gym, 1: well I never manage to cook for myself & 2: I didn't feel like eating pasta. So fro-yo it was.

hope all my bloggies have a great wednesday!


pleated poppy