happy girl. happy life.

I am beyond excited for this weekend! I can't even begin to express the joy I have to be 100% done with my general surgery rotation as of noon today, fingers crossed! & It was honestly the longest four weeks of my life & I couldn't be more grateful that it is finally over. I can say that I learned so much during this rotation & I am happy that it was my first, even with the 90 hour weeks + 4:30am mornings I managed to survive! :] I can't wait to hop in the car + drive to NOVA/DC to spend the weekend with my better half + my girrrrrls :: Meaghan, Natalie, Rosa, Alissa, & Ashley, any many many others! These girls keep me sane. Can't wait for Sunday Brunch followed by a day in the city with Meaghan & to top off the night with Blogger Blitz DC! WOOT WOOT! & I will back on a regular basis starting Monday! YAY, I know you all have missed me :: let's me honest now! hehe I have missed reading all your blogs & responding to comments! Can't wait to share all my weekend adventures with you all! xx. A