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Yesterday evening I had one of the absolute best times I have had in a really long time. My friend Aaron + I got together & we spent the evening wining + dining throughout Ghent, Va. We started the evening out at one of my favorite places called Press 626, they have one of the greatest grilled cheeses around, no joke! Then we decided to go & grab some gelato from the place called Strawberry Fields that my girlfriend Lydia's boyfriend just opened up. & let me tell you, that place is auhmazing, I have been craving it all week so  it was a nice little treat! We then decided to go for a walk & we also decided that we need a cup of coffee & Starbucks was not what we needed. So on our walk we stopped by this little coffee shop called Cafe Stella. We walked in & the place was closed, but to our surprise the owner made us each our own drink on the house, me an original machiatto & Aaron a cappicino. Then the owner gave us a tour of his coffee shop, where he roasts his own beans & makes his own iced coffee with the coolest gadget! {pictures on instagram: missashlyn} The coffee shop is the cutest thing & cant wait to go back! wayyyy friggin better then any starbucks! We then started walking home & decided to grab a beer at Public House, which is like a block from my apartment. We talked some more & ended up back at my apartment an hour or so later. It was a great evening catching up with an old friend. These are honestly the times I am learning to do more often & cherish, because they are life changing. Friends like Aaron are few & far between. The ones that will ALWAYS have your back. The ones you can call for anything & everything & they will be at your door the next second. That is the kind of friend Aaron is, & I am so blessed to have him in my life!

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