orange + floral lovin'

my slightly awkward turtle moment.
J. Crew dress | Zara scarf  | Burberry sunnies [similar] | jewelry: Lia Sophia bracelet + Pearl earrings, Target watch, Charming Charlies leaf bracelet [similar], HRH Collection Necklace, Teal Multi-Pop Bauble Bar Bracelet

So these outfits pics are old, & I mean like over a month old, but hey who is cares anyways right, its not like I look anyyyy different! & at least I am getting around to posting them, that is a step in the right direction! Cause I am the absolute worst at posting pictures, #sorryimnotsorry. But back to my outfit, if you don't know me, which I guess lately I have refrained from talking too much about myself, but I think I might change that so you all can get to know me better, would yall like that? I have just always been a pretty closed off person until I get to know you, but I am going to try to change that, because I can. So really back to the outfit post, I L O V E scarves, too the point where I have like a 100-&-people-call-me-scarf-girl-&-if-you-don't-know-what-you-get-me-for-my-birthday/holiday/just-because-you-love-me, well you can buy me a scarf! So because I love when people buy me scarves, hint hint, I usually refrain from buying them for myself because I love when other people do it BUT when I saw this scarf at Zara, I just HAD to have it, so I did just that. I bought a scarf for myself & probably ruined all the ju-ju with people buying me scarves, im over it now.  & the exciting thing about this scarf is it practically goes with every color. so its a win-win situation, capiche, capache!

Awkward Moment: I started my Psych Rotation last Monday & well let's just say this rotation is a walk in the park compared to my General Surgery Rotation that I was on, last week I worked 32 hours compared to the 75-90 hours I was working before. Ok, so a typical day entails me going to see my patients, talk to them, & test their memory, then we meet with our attending & walk through the hospital & consult new patients. Side Note: every day is different. The other day we went to see a patient & let's just say that the words that were spoken were 'They have taken over Noooorrfoolk.' Who has taken over Norfolk? 'The Blacks have taken over Nooooorrfoolk.' Why do you say that? 'They just have. They don't want me here. They are everywhere, this place has become Little Africa.' STOP. -- yes you read that right. Imagine that moment in time when there are 8 of you in a room with a patient. the patients hospital care-taker was black. so, let's just say she excused herself from the room -- quickly. This my friend is a delirious patient who has 'old-fashioned views.' my-oh-my.

Another Awkward Moment: My attending pretty much quoted the ENTIRE Lion King Movie today while walking through the hospital. You have to learn to laugh. & I mean laugh like you mean it.

oh excuse me for constantly saying: 'let's just say' repeatedly.

happy hump day! xx.

p.s. I get to see my better half tonight. it has been 2 weeks & I couldn't be more excited!

pleated poppy

pictures c/o Natalie