swoon: chic rooms

Confession: I was lazy again yesterday! 

ok. time to digress onto happier things.

It is Friday & I am hoping that my work day goes by quickly, so that I can come home & be lazy some more be productive! yeah I keep telling myself I will be, & it hasnt happened yet.  Please keep me in your thoughts! ha

So I havent really mentioned it just yet, but my boyfriend Nick bought a house in DC & it is currently being built as I type, & to be honest it will probably take a few more months for it to be finished, but anywho the home should be ready mid-December. & because of all the hype of having a new home I have been swooning over everything interior design related in hopes of being able to have some kind of say in the decorating process! fingers crossed. Nick & I have very different tastes in interior design. He is VERY modern/contemporary & yes I do like those styles, but also love a little rustic/traditional look mixed in. He likes blacks, greys, & blues & well, I on the other hand love white with pops of COLOR & very clean looks. But I am going to have to learn to compromise, right? ha

Until then I am going to continue to swoon & dream over all the pretty homes that I wish I could have. These being some of them from the MAGALOG magazine! Aren't they just AMAZE!? I am not saying that I would ever create a house full of all this color & eccentric style, but a girl can look & dream right? I think so! & how lovely is that bar cart & the wall paper background, i die.  purple is so my favorite color! & who wouldn't want a living room full of blush tones and peachy hues with a couch full of pretty pillows & awesome paintings on the wall ? Yeah I know, we will just have to keep on dreaming. xx

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Whats your favorite style for your home?