[ weekend plans ]

Happy Friday Lovies! Good news! I made it to the end of ANOTHER rotation! GO ME! :] & today after work I will jumping in the car & traveling up to DC to spend the weekend with my other half. I am really looking forward to drinking my new bottle of wine I bought myself yesterday, Flirt! & yes I bought it for the label, Ashley In DC rubbed off on me with her choice of wine bc of pretty labels! ha  Saturday I will be spending the day with Meaghan doing what we do best, galavanting through DC. No definite plans yet, but probably some vintage shopping + soaking up some sun poolside (i hope) with an ice cold beverage in our hands. It has been over a month since I have been to DC, so its going to be a nice little reunion :] Sunday Nick took the day off, which is a rare occasion, so we will be spending the day together. I am hoping for breakfast in bed, wink wink if you see this baby love. But I am just excited that we will be get spend the 100 degree day at the pool & doing nothing but relaxing, & studying for my exams that I have Mon/Tues, cause I sure as heck need a relaxing day!

Enjoy your weekend & cherish all the little moments.