happy birthday twin!!

Dear Twin {a.k.a. my blogger BFF, known as Stesha Rose},

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL GIRL! :] I am not even sure where to begin! The last year has been so crazy & I am beyond blessed to have you in my life & to be able to call you one of my best friends. I would never have thought in a million years to have met one of my best friends through blogging! I truly cherish our friendship and I love the fact that you love me for who I am & that I can call you, text you, email you, or skype you any time of the day & you will be there for me. I already anticipate how much fun we will have when we FINALLY get to meet each other IRL & spend the day taking photo sessions, getting mani/pedis, grabbing happy hour drinks, going shopping & having dance parties & lets not forget to watch LMN haha! That day will come & hopefully sooner than later! You are truly a wonderful friend & so talented! The last year of your life has been a roller coaster but cheers to TWENTY-SIX! It will be the best year yet! I love you Stesha Rose & I wish I was there to spend this special day with you & of course buy you a drink or two! ;]