life as of late!

grabbing a ice cold drink w. nick  |  poolside  |  giant marg at my all time fav mexican restaurant, plaza azteca |  brunchin' with nick + his bro at arties  |  playing with left over sparkles, im a little big kid  |  homemade cookies at 12am  |  golfing w. nick  |  happy hour, le duh  |  best ice cream in THE world, Nathan's Dairy Bar  |  me + ice cream  |  free starbucks refreshers  |  my new H&M clutch  |  krispy kreme truck nick + i wanted to hijack  |  new Vera Wang jewels  |  FIRST oyster shot ever, caused heart burn  |  poolside sunday  |  popped my TJMAXX runway cherry, amazing chair!  |  & these Paige skinnies. TJMAXX has my heart!

Happy Monday! I am starting week two of my new rotation! woot woot! This rotation is ALL over the place. I work random days & all different hours, so it is hard to get use to a new schedule every day. But I am hanging in there. 

This weekend my best had her bachelorette party up in New York, unfortunately I was unable to go because of my crazy hectic schedule. I really wish I could have gone. I had moments through out the weekend when I just broke down & cried. It hurt me that I couldn't be there to celebrate with her, to be apart of it & to cherish one of the last moments of her 'unmarried life'. I know that she understands & there really isn't anything I could have done about it, but it just makes me realize that life is precious.  

I did get to see her reaction to the gift I got her! Holly & I have had this inside joke since we were in high school where we would always ask each other what color underwear we were both wearing. & alot of times we would be wearing the same ones! ha & even to this day we will write on each others facebook wall just stating stuff like "purple polka dots with pink lace." or "boyfriends boxers." yeah we love each other! So for her gift, I got her some of the same underwear I have from VS & then I found the most perfect card, IT HAD A PAIR OF PANTIES ON IT!! HAHA I almost cried in the hallmark store, granted it was a card for a boy & it even had mushy gushy stuff written on the inside, but I covered it up with washi tape! ;] Anywho, she called me & we talked & she absolutely loved my gift, which made me smile!

Remember to enjoy this beautiful day you are given lovies! :]


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