live bravely

image via pinterest

Yesterday was my day off & had so much stuff to get done, but I feel as though I really didn't get much done. thats the norm for me. ha The night before I worked at the hospital from 6pm to 2am, so I really didn't get home & in the bed until around 3:30, so my idea of getting up early yesterday kinda fell under the table. I ended up waking up around 11:30, but instead of being lazy all day I decided to get some of my volunteering done. I volunteer at the Mary Buckley Foundation which is a foundation for braid injured adults. I had such a blast today getting to know all the individuals there. They are full of so much joy & laughter & no matter how many times they forgot my name & asked me who I was, I could still see happiness radiate through them! These individuals are so happy even though their lives have been completely turned upside down. It made me stop & take a look at my own life & think about how blessed I am to be given a new breathe each day. A new day to tell someone I am sorry or that I love them. A new day to continue to pursue my dreams and desires. A new day to laugh, cry, hug someone, or run down the street. These things some of these individuals can no longer do. 

This quote stood out to me last night when I came across it on pinterest. Fear is something we all have & sometimes it stands in our way on a daily basis. This is my new goal to stand firm in what I believe but learn to let my fears go & enjoy life! There is no reason for me to be so uptight about the smallest things in life, but if I just learn to let go I might just realize that I too can be just as happy as the girl next to me. 

TODAY: Let your fears go. Be Brave. & Watch yourself fly!