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Fourth of July is on my mind, hence the moodboard.

I am such a little kid when it comes to fireworks & I am pretty sure that is one reason why I love the Fourth of July as much as I do. Sparkles make my eyes light up! I could play with them for hours upon hours! ha But Fourth of July, just like any other holiday, was special in my family. We always had set in stone traditions that we did each year. One of our family traditions was driving up to the Williamsburg Battlefield & watching the fireworks. My mom would pack the cooler full of drinks & snacks & we would head to Williamsburg hours in advance to steak out the best spot in the house! We would camp out on the big green field of grass in anticipation of what the grand finale of fireworks would be that year. As we got older, we started going to Yorktown Beach to watch the fireworks, which was like 20 minutes from the house. We would usually make a day of it & spend the day camped out on the beach soakin in the sun & spending quality time with family. Those were the days! This year will be the first year I won't be spending Fourth of July with my family & it kinda makes me sad because I am growing up. I will spending it with Nick in DC. We aren't exactly sure what we are doing for the Fourth just yet, but I am super excited to spending it with Nick. I have always dreamed of hanging out on a rooftop relaxing & watching the fireworks go off. & what not a better place to do it then at our Nations Capital. Maybe this year will be the start of a new tradition!

what are yall doing for the Fourth of July?