Mondays tend to be busy, stressful, overwhelming & usually sneak up on me! I don't know about you, but sometimes it is the littlest things that help get me through the day, with all my sanity! I am a sucker for all things pretty. & one thing I tend to do alot is buy myself myself some pretty flowers -- peonies, tulips & ranunculus are my go-toos! I love stopping by the local grocery & picking out some beautiful flowers for myself. They way they look sitting on my desk in a gorgeous vase.put a smile on my face & usually it is all I need to help me get my work done. Encouraging words really keep me going. Girl, The world is your oyster. Dream It. Do It! & YES, I am talking to YOU! I love a new mani & at the beginning of a new week, why not pamper yourself with an at-home-mani or even if you have the time, stop by the salon & get yourself one :] Oh & I am cupcake obsessed, so there are many-a-days where I walk down to the local cupcake parlor & buy myself my favorite vanilla bean cupcake. & pairing it with a warm cup of coffee always seem to do the trick!

My day will consist of volunteering, getting my bridesmaids dress altered, spending some time with my mama, studying, & designing some biz cards & blogs!!

I hope your Monday is wonderful & that you pamper yourself with a little something!