swoon: office spaces

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Lately, studying has not been on the top of my priority list & it really needs to be. Buuuut looking for pretty chic offices spaces has been, & I feel like I have convinced my self that if I were to have a pretty office space then I would get more work done. Yes I think all of us bloggers tell ourselves that! I keep hinting to Nick that in the new house I want to have my very own office space that I can decorate all pretty with wallpapered walls, furry chairs, hand picked peonies, & giant letter initials with a beautiful new MAC desk top computer. Now lets just say that that hasn't gone over so well, since he wants his very own space too. I even tried to compromise & say that we could split the room in half? Not a bad idea huh? Well I thought it was a good one! & yeaaaah he didn't ha. So until then, if ever, I will continue to swoon over beautiful office spaces, & I will try to convince myself to study so that I don't fail my exam at the end of the month! :]

What types of office spaces are you bloggies swooning over? 

Good news: Last night was my last over night shift! woot woot! & today I will be heading up to DC to see my Nicholas. We have an appointment tomorrow to look at flooring for the new house! oh & here is some pictures of the progress of the house! foundation walls have been poured! :]