update + winner!

First, Let me send a huge Congratulations to Ashton Grey for winning the I See Noise Prints Giveaway! Shoot me an email at ashlyn@letitbebeautiful.com so we can get this beautiful print sent to you! xx.

Second, I need to update you all on my life. It isn't anything too serious, but let me take that back. Yesterday was kinda a craaazy day for me, & if you were me you probably would have freaked out a little bit, & my friends I did JUST that! ha Ok, so to start off my morning I woke up early so that I could get some studying done before work at 3pm at the hospital. Much to my surprise, I woke up to the beauty of my right eye being completely swollen shut. First thing that went through my head "Oh God, I have pink eye!" Second, I called my mom. hahahah. Yes I am in the medical field, but I still call my mom for motherly medical advice. I am not a huge fan of diagnosing myself & usually you diagnose yourself worse then you really are. I sent my mom a picture of my eye & we both came to the conclusion that it was a stye, due to the many signs & symptoms that were missing. So I used a warm compress on my eye & took some motrin & in a couple hours a little bit of the swelling went down. 

Now, on to the finale of my day! Currently I am working in the Emergency Room at local hospitals & you really see a whole variety of patients. Last night, almost towards the end of my shift I was working with a patient, that so happened to be homeless. I had a nightmare of an experience. Let's just say, I got stuck with a sharp object in my finger, nothing too serious, but the fact that the patient was homeless made me freak out, ALOT. My heart started racing, I started profusely sweating, & my anxiety level kicked into overdrive & worst part: I was in the middle of a procedure. They tell you during school that every student gets stuck atleast once, but you never think that it will ever happen to you! I immediately raced out of the room (after finishing the procedure) & found my preceptor. I got my blood drawn to check for any blood disorders that I could have. Thats when the anxiety REALLY kicked in, because we had to wait to get the results back for the patients blood to see if the patient had HIV. Lets just say I was pacing around & couldn't sit down to save my life. GOOD NEWS: patient was negative!!!! whooosh. anxiety kinda subsided. I was still in shock & still was last night when I tried to get to sleep, which took me a few hours. I am still waiting for more blood results, but these tend to be less serious ones. So praying for the best. I will keep you all updated!

Please keep me in your thoughts & prayers! 
& I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! xxA