Stopping in to wish you all a happy weekend! I am heading to West Virginia for a weekend filled with white water rafting + zip lining with the family! I am super excited to get away & enjoy some quiet time. The last time I remember going on a little family getaway was when I was in high school. Once I started college eight years ago I could never tag along for family vacations, even to the beach during the summer because I was constantly taking classes + working! bummer, I know! Hopefully the weather will be bright & sunny, because I need some serious vitamin D in my life! ha & I plan on taking lots of pictures, when we aren't in the water that is. So be sure to stop back by on Monday for a little update on my weekend!

love all you beauties. i feel like i can never thank-you enough for all your kind words on my blog. you keep me smiling from ear to ear with all your amazing heart-felt comments. so thank-you!