just another thursday...

So this week is quickly passing me by -- I honestly don't know where the time has gone! Not that I am complaining but I still feel like I have accomplished ZERO this week & that is BAD BAD BAD! Today I was planning on sharing my Birthday Wishlist with all you lovelies since my birthday is next Tuesday *HINT HINT* & for some reason I have been slacking on putting that little booger together! So more than likely there will be no time to put together a wishlist before next Tuesday, but maybe I will just be weird & make a belated birthday wishlist! its weird, right?? -- but i still might do it! lol Anywho, last night I went on a sushi date w. my best friend Aaron + his friend & when I got home around 9 I vegged, watched the Olympics, & got some homework done. N will be coming into town for the evening & tomorrow I am heading to West Virginia with my family to spend the weekend white water rafting & zip lining so I will have pretty much NO time to get work done. & that causes me some serious anxiety, hence why I did not put together a Birthday Wishlist. But I am super excited to spend the weekend with my family & have some bonding time before my littlest brother heads off to college! :]

update: Tomorrow is Friday! woot woot! :]

Enjoy your day! xxA