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Happy Monday! This weekend flewww by & I really wish it hadn't. I have my family medicine final coming up on Friday & I am SO not ready for it. I am already stressing out & the week is just starting. I really hope I can manage to get everything I need to get done before Friday, including studying my butt off, packing to head up to DC, & following up with hospitals about setting up my rotations for the Spring. My plate is full! YIKES!

As for this Mondays Moodboard -- as you can see, I am obsessing over cheetah print. It is kinda funny to think back to the time when I wouldn't even consider even coming within an arms length of cheetah, let alone see me wearing a wear of cheetah skinnies or a even a cheetah scarf. Now, I own it all! & I am currently on the hunt for a Cheetah jacket for this upcoming fall! 

what is inspiring you this week?