Happy Thursday! Today I want to introduce you to Jessica, the writer behind Jessica Who? She is one of the sweetest girls & we have gotten to know each other throughout the last couple months! I even designed her business cards & she was an absolute doll to work with! Today she is kicking off my new IT List Series! I know you will love her just as much as I do so sure to stop by her blog & say hi!

1. FOOTBALL. I know girls... some of you hate it.. but I love it! Maybe a little too much too. I hope I don't lose too many friends during football season!

2. PUPPIES. I've recently become OBSESSED with puppies/dogs. I am absolutely in LOVE with my Duke! You can read our love story here

3. MASCARA. I am lucky enough to have super long eyelashes but it took me forever to find mascara that would keep them up and curled. FINALLY I found Maybelline's Falsies! You can read more about that here:  

4. LBD. Every girl needs a little black dress, right? I need a few! They are always my go-to items in my closet!
5. INSTAGRAM. I mean really.. Who doesn't have Instagram? I'm obsessed with photography so this is the perfect way for me to pretend to be a legit photographer ;)

6. POSHMARK. Have you tried Poshmark yet?? It's a great way to get rid of the old and make room for the new! Check out my closet here

7. TECH ACCESSORIES. Technology hates me. Or maybe I hate it (or just don't get it). But one thing I do love, is dressing it up! I love to dress up my iPhone, iPad, anything to give it a chic touch.

8. EYELINER. Ok so I suck at make-up but one thing I can't go without is eyeliner. It can drastically change anyone's look!

9. WINE. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can you ever have too much wine?

10. WRAP BRACELETS. I have extremely tiny wrists so wrap bracelets are my best friend. Love them!