CURRENTLY (swooning): Joss & Main

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If you haven't heard of the amazing Joss & Main yet, you have seriously got to check it out. This little site has become my new not so little obsession. I could sit there for hours looking at what all the different curators have to offer & what sales I should NOT partake in because I am broke as a joke. for real! I should have went on a spending freeze like two years ago when I started school. ha Anywho, currently my favorite currator on Joss & Main is the wonderful Stacey Risenmay -- her stuff is just fabulous & her chic + coazy asthetic feel draws me in. & the fact that it is all home decor & there is a pretty new house that will need to be decorated in the future doesnt help! If you have the time check out the site, you might just fall in love!

oh & p.s. I did not make it to the grocery yesterday. BAD ASHLYN! I know I should have went even with all your encouragement, but do not fear I did eat dinner. Stesh can even vouch for me ;) we had like a 2 hour skype date last night, soooooo needed! :] & I managed to get ALOT of my work done yesterday for school. I was productive. GO ME!

oh & don't forget to enter this giveaway to win $75 on your choice of pillows!