Happy Monday! This weekend flew by & guess what? I went to the grocery! YES! I know you are proud of me. ha I kid. This weekend I took care of my parents puppy Gracie & it sure was nice to have a cuddle buddy for a couple days. & I was able to sleep in & relax too which was nice for once. & Sunday morning I woke up to 68 degree weather + was in heaven! I was able to wear leggings + a sweater to study in at the library. Perfection.

gracie  |  sparkle + neon h&m necklace  |  micheladaa / mexican bloody mary

& to brighten your Monday, I have a little treat for you all! I don't know about you but I am always getting tired of my iPhone/iPad backgrounds, so I decided to start making some of my own. & just your luck, because I love to share! ;) So here is a monogrammed letter for you spruce up your iPhone/iPad with.

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