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Happy Monday lovebugs! Hope you all had a lovely weekend. Mine flew by per the usual & it is back to the daily grind. On a colorful note, lately I have been falling in love with the color plum.  Now granted my favorite color is purple, so plum does fall under that category -- so obviously I have been in love with this color fo-ev-er. I find this hue absolutely beautiful + it fits in perfectly with fall. I love those rain boots & I am a huge fan of plums (thanks to my daddy!). & how cute are those pencils -- I would love to rock those while studying & even though it is getting chillier by the day here in VA I love me some ice cream during the fall/awinter months. I have never tried homemade plum ice cream, so therefore it goes on my bucket list! Are you a fan of this pretty hue? & how was your weekend -- i wanna know what you all did :]