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You can call me ... snow cat crazy! Seriously, this fall trend it hitting stores everywhere & def. finding its way into fashion bloggers closets (including mine!). This fun chic pattern has been calling my name ever since I fell in love with these J. Crew cropped pants -- I seriously should have snatched them up a long time go when they were on sale! dagnabbit! But I did recently purchase this top + this skirt & I love them both! The pattern is truly versatile & can be worn with so many different colors. You diggin' this pattern?

On another note -- awkward moment: so as I mentioned last week my room is a t r a i n w r e c k -- so therefore I have had this bright idea for the last couple weeks to somehow organize it. ha you dont say! Well yesterday I had had it up my eyeballs & was tired of living in a dirty room with too many clothes to put on hangers in my closet & shoes all over the floor. lazy girl i tell ya. Well I started doing research to buy new movable drawers + a garment rack. Well after reading reviews online I decided to go to Walmart (dumb move right there) + purchase a garment rack. The reviews were really good, so what the heck right? Well purchased that along with a revolving shoe holder & got home & started putting it all together. & well this is where it all went downhill -- the shoe holder, welp didn't have all the parts (shoot me!) + after spending an hour putting the danggone garment rack together -- it fell & broke! (shoot me twice!) Let's just say I was p-oed! & I wanted to throw it out the window. If someone was in my house while this was going on they would have thought something crazy was going on in my room. ha So I grabbed it all & drove back to Walmart to return it & then purchased a "commercial grade" one at Bed Bath & Beyond -- so far so good. It has not fallen over & my clothes are currently not on the floor. So go me. (sorry for such a long awkward moment).

anywho, happy thursday!