I can hardly believe that we are already almost two weeks into November, where has all the time gone? These days time just flies by -- I can hardly believe that I am starting my seventh rotation today! YIKES! Lately, I seem to take the littlest things for granted. & it has really been on my heart on a daily basis that I need to learn to be MORE thankful for everything that I have been given. 

November is a time of thanks & each year I try to remind myself that I need to start noticing all the little things that I should be more aware of every other time of the year -- such as the ability to call my mom on a daily basis just because I need her advice or the ability to hear, smell, taste & see. 

As many of you have noticed on facebook, twitter, & many blogs -- people have been partaking in a November thanks. I have been listing things I am thankful for daily in my journal & want to share them with you all. This list is def. not inclusive & there are thousands of reasons that I am thankful. 

what are you thankful for?