Ever since I was little I have ALWAYS been called "the bag girl!" Even to this day I own more bags then I know what to do with, but for some reason I keep buying more. ha & of course I would fall in L O V E with all of Lo & Sons bags because they are absolutely beautiful! A few weeks ago Lo & Sons sent me my very own O.G. Bag in this pretty fall Plum color & I have been using it non-stop since then & have gotten so many compliments! I tend to carry my life with me in my bags + my car & finding the perfect bag to do just that is hard to do, but this bag met all my expectations and more. There are more pockets then I know what to do with & a place to hold everything in an organized manner so that I can find it easily. & a plus is the bag tends to never gain weight (seriously!) -- somehow it manages to not take off my shoulder with it when I put my laptop, my notebooks, a water bottle & pens - lip gloss - wallet - keys & ETC in it :]

So today you have the chance to WIN your very own bag from the Lo & Sons online store! Maybe you want an O.M.G bag to carry your life in or maybe you are in need of a camera bag -- whatever you need they got ya covered! Good luck! x