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Home Decor shopping is something I have dreamed about doing for years! Ever since I was in high school I would purchase ELLE Decor + House Beautiful + Martha Stewart Living, just to swoon over all the gorgeous decorated homes -- envisioning what my future house would look like once I had the income to be able to purchase all those 'over-priced' but beyond fabulous items! N finally closed on the DC house last week & it has slowly started to sink in that it is now time to find + purchase all of those fabulous items I once dreamed about. Now I am still broke as a joke, so technically N is the one doing all the purchasing but I am helping him with the home decor hunt & I am surely enjoying myself. 

Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn & West Elm are some of my favorite stores to shop in! Those fabulous champagne glasses & white dishware are from Crate & Barrel, which have already been purchased + will be unpacked this weekend! The HIS + HERS bathroom rugs from Pottery Barn have been on my wish list for F O R E V E R, but I am still trying to convince N that we should get those pretties for our bathroom! I have high hopes ;) Now my A B S O L U T E favorite item on my list this week is that polar bear rug that will be going in the office! eeeeek. I squealed just alot alittle when I sent N this beautiful rug in an email & he just so happened to purchase it. I am one happy girl!

Do you like home decor shopping? What are your favorite stores to shop in?

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