Yes I just hash-tagged on my blog, no judging now!

SIDE NOTE: Yesterday I was suppose to have a half day at work, which meant you get off 1/2 the day early right? Well apparently a half day is 4:30 PM in the evening instead of 5:30. It has been a long week. VENTING COMPLETE.

Back to target, because that is what is most important. Last night after a bff date with this girl here I stopped off at Tarjay for a quick errand, ah righhhht. & I am sure many of you are aware that Target trips are not just an in-&-out ordeal, atleast not for me. I always tend to find something that I want but don't need & it ends up coming home with me. Last night I spotted the new Vikki flat & well that was that. I ended up walking out with not one BUT two pairs of gorgeous + comfortable $20 flats -- the nude + leopard! The studs on the back of the flat are the perfect amount of detail that adds a little bit of pizzazz to the shoe. 

What do you think about Vikki?