Happy Weekend Loves! I am ending this week on a good note: Another rotation down!!! (cheers!) I completed my OB-GYN rotation yesterday & I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone. I have A L W A Y S had a love for women's health + anyone who is preggers. side note about me: I am that girl that oohs & ahhhs inside e v e r y single time I see a pregnant mommy & even more so when I see a new daddy holding his littleg girl/boy. I just melt inside. & this rotation honestly sealed the deal for what I want to do as a PA. I absolutely loved every second of every day of this rotation. Seeing a live birth first the first time really opened my eyes to the beauty of pregnancy -- I am pretty sure I cried each + every time. ha Hopefully I will be able to do what this little heart of my mine desires when I graduate in May. But today I will be taking my end-of-rotation exam today at 3pm, eek! & then I will be off to enjoy my weekend...

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This weekend is kind of like a mini vacay between going to classes next week & starting my next rotation the following Monday. I actually get to read magazines, enjoy girl time, & play on my new bamboo tablet + finishing working on some of my clients business cards & web sites! Also, Saturday night N + I will be attending the yearly ugly Christmas sweater party with some of our friends. It is always such a great time 1)  because it is held at a local bar/restaurant & 2) since it is after Christmas people look at you all weird like you didn't get the memo that Christmas ended a few weeks ago! ha Another reason why I love the ugly Christmas sweater party is because it brings back a lot of memories. N + I first started dating 3 years go only a few weeks before my 1st Ugly Christmas sweater party! :] 

p.s. One of my ALL time favorite Christmas movies is Home Alone & I wanted to buy that sweater like something fierce, but never got around to it. so sad. but I currently own the ugly sweater worn in this video from SNL :] & will be wearing it this weekend! 

What are your plans this weekend ... anything fun?