'Cartas De Amor' means Love Letters in Spanish & when Jen Ramos of Made By Girl contacted me to send in a love letter my heart fluttered with joy, because I love love + I absolutely adore my Nicholas. This collaboration included 18 fabulous bloggers who each sent in a love letter that touched them, whether it be from a boyfriend, husband, friend, or child. Jen put together this magazine & it is absolutely incredible. I loved flipping through the magazine & seeing all the different love letters & what they meant to each person. My love letter from N was from our first Valentine's Day three years ago. I spent an entire afternoon going through my love letters from N + I teared up with each one, but when I got to this one it had a special place in my heart. N + I had yet to say 'I love you' to each other yet but when I reread the card over + over I could see all the unspoken love he had for me & it is incredible to see just how far we have come.

Head on over to page 37 to see my love letter from N + what it means to me! x