So hard to believe February is already here (& almost over!), 2013 sure is flying by! With the start of the new year I decided to make some changes in my life, some of which I mentioned in my letter to 2013. I was impacted greatly by Lara Casey, Rhi Nicole, & Leah Mullet when they started setting goals for themselves & at the start of each month. Last month, I wrote down my goals in a little notebook, only for my eyes to see & lets just say that that is + was not the best idea. I feel like I wrote them down & forgot about them. I catch myself making excuses as to why I am not reaching my goals & I am not too happy about that. So I decided to put together my monthly goals & share them on the blog with everyone. & just maybe I can encourage each of you to start doing the same thing, because accountability can go a long way!

January Goals:

Less Negativity. - self-explanatory. So many times I catch myself being negative & I don't even realize it. I want to be positive with everything from traffic to what I am going to have for dinner. This is a work in progress. For example, last night N + I got to go to the Capitals game & the metro ride home took super super long with stop & go of the metro. Side note: I am one of those that gets severe motion sickness and instead making the situation a more positive one, such as reminding myself of the time I was getting to spend with N, all I did was mope and grope. This my friends needs to change.

Early to bed + early to rise - I am night owl, like a 2-3 am go to bed even though I am dragging night owl & then the next morning I hit my snooze 5 thousand times. I literally set 1 alarm across the room, 2 alarms at my bed, & multiple alarms on my phone. yes it is THAT bad & I am a little embarrassed to share that! But I really want to spend the time with the Lord every morning to help get me in the right mind set for the day. I want to have that cup of coffee that I never seem to get to enjoy. I want to take my time getting ready in the morning instead of feeling like I am always rushing out the door. -- You may have noticed a lack of posting this week, because this goal HAS implemented. I have been opening my computer less + spending more time with me, myself, + the Lord. & I have been getting more sleep! WOOT WOOT!

Less procrastination - I have a tendency to wait to do things at the last minute & then so many times things go wrong. I have started to write things down in my planner, scribble more to-do lists & set reminders on my cell phone to keep up with all the little things that I have due or want to get done. Doing much better with this.

Less controlling - I am a control freak & I have the sweet genes from my mother to thank for that. I tend to have something set in my mind about the way things should go & if it doesn't happen that way I kinda-really-freak-outtttt. Every now + then the freak-out is only in my mind & other times it becomes evident in my mannerisms and my actions, & N can vouch that I do not tend to let things go easily & I always want some form of closure which def can not happen every time. So I am really trying to take a step back & remind myself that life just happens sometimes & that there isn't an answer for everything. 

Cooking - This is a goal that is going to take some time to really implement into my daily living, especially since I have never ever ever cooked for more than one person. & 99% of the time I am a throw it in the microwave kind of girl, even though I have always loved to cook. 

Have you set goals for yourself this year/month? Are you sticking with them? & if so, any advice as to what helps you?

Anywho, Enjoy your weekend, sweet friends! I am on-call all weekend & will hopefully get to deliver more beautiful babies & learn some more amazing things. xo