Stephanie Sterjovski Original LOVE Print

I fell in love with Stephanie's life + style blog a few months back. She is absolutely gorgeous + her smile radiates for miles. Every morning she has become one of my few blogs that I immediately pop over to see what her look of the day is, the new charmings she is currently loving, or just to get a little inspiration! Her positive attitude + electric personality is seen on her blog, instagram + on twitter. She is on my list of favorite bloggers to meet & hopefully one day we that will happen!

This gorgeous gold lettered LOVE print she so kindly mailed my way is by far one of my favorites in her SS Print Shop. She recently launched this pretty at the first of the year along with several new prints that are absolutely perfect. I am still on the hunt to find the perfect frame + once I do it will find a place on my wall & I will be sure to share it with everyone. What is your favorite print in her shop?