Friday is here, my brain is mush, therefore I have nothing for yall! ha! The last few days have been spent rummaging through my room attempting to do some weeding out + trying to pack up my life so that it can fit into my little honda accord. I am heading to DC tomorrow for part of the weekend but it will be filled with organizing my stuff, studying for my exam next Friday & a little client work. I am super eager to finally be up in DC next week to start my new rotation & I even have a count down on my phone which currently reads 7 days 16 hours 19 mins + 49 secs! ha! My anxiety + stress is starting to kick in but I am trying to stay as stress free as possible + keep reminding myself that change is what we make of it! I wish you all a fabulous weekend + will see you all back here on Monday! Enjoy it friends :] x.

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