Hello, sweet friends! I hope you all had a lovely + productive weekend. I spent the weekend relaxing, catching up on work & trying to be as productive as possible. Friday after work, I stopped by trader joe's & picked up some pretty blooms to help brighten the rainy day we were having. & When I got home I was over joyed to find a little package in my mail box from Lara Casey. This gorgeous print says it all & is so inspirational.  It kinda put the pep in my step, if I do say so myself.

I have to thank my social media free weekend + my Lara Casey quote for helping me get stuff done. I can't say that it was easy not wanting to constantly check instagram, twitter or facebook but it truly makes you think twice about how much time you really spend on it throughout the day. I caught myself wanting to check my phone c o n s t a n t l y & realized just how much I need to change this little habit. Most of the weekend I left my cell phone up stairs when N & I had friends over or when we were trying to spend quality time together. I even left it in the car when we went out to eat. Not having my cell phone around all the time made me conscious of how often N is actually on his cell phone too & how annoying it can be when we are in the middle of a conversation or doing something together! I had to hold back many of times from getting upset with him for being on his cell phone all the time because I was that girl (& am that girl every other day of the week!). I hope to make these social media free weekends more regular & really learn to be myself without this little device. How did you all spend your weekend? Have you ever tried to go social media or technology free?

Enjoy your beautiful Monday. I got a surprise day off -- so see ya tomorrow! x