I have a strong undeniable love for tulips, actually for fresh flowers in general! & one of my favorite things about the new house is that there is so much light, which makes me what to have fresh flowers out all the time + in every single room. N probably thinks I am a bit silly because of the flowers I keep bringing home. & just a little secret: I am picking up new ones tomorrow! shhhh. 

But last Friday, I stopped by one of my all-time favorite places to pick up fresh flowers, the fabulous Trader Joe's. They always have THE best prices + the flowers are always super fresh. These beauties that I bought last Friday are still going strong -- they probably have another day or two! & last weekend we had some friends come over + I was taught a new trick to help the tulips perk up. All you have to do is throw in a single penny + voila! so simple. & if you are one of those that likes your tulips to droop then well, no need to use the penny, but if you are just a tad bit interested to see if it works, you should try it! :]

Did you know about the tulip penny trick? & what is your favorite flower to have around the house?