Hello, sweet friends! This week has been an extremely long one for THIS girl. I just can't seem to #GSD. I  make a list & maybe two things get marked off. I try to go to bed early & I can't fall asleep. I clean one area of the room & another becomes a mess. ahhh, I just can't seem to win!

Yesterday, I ended another 4 week rotation & today I am sitting down to take my FINAL end of rotation exam. I can't seem to grasp that I will be graduating in less than TWO months. EEK! I am going to be a big girl soon, big deep breath.  & it didn't help that yesterday I was one hot mess since this rotation was my absolute favorite & to top it off when I got to work the office got me a going away cake that said 'Good Luck Ashlyn' - seriously it made it that much worse!! Throughout the last four weeks, there wasn't a day that I wasn't challenged to learn something new or humbled when venturing out of my comfort zone to help counsel a patient with needs bigger than I have ever had to deal with. I really have found my calling & I am constantly praying to have the right heart + mind set for whatever opportunity comes my way. 

On another note, tomorrow I am packing up my things & heading back home for return to campus events for school until Thursday. The next week will be filled with family time, playing with my puppy Gracie & catching up with some of my best friends + I can't forget some relaxation in the mix!

What are your plans this weekend? Anything fun? 
Enjoy it loves. xx