Hi sweet friends! I just wanted to drop in & say hello & that I miss you all! The last few days have been rather hectic with coming home, attending classes all day, writing papers & preparing for presentations. & on top of it all, my breaks went out in my car on Monday & my dad was going to fix them last night but the guy at the auto parts store gave me the wrong stuff & the parts have to be ordered now. Sooooo this morning I was at school at 7 am, an hour & a half before it started & I had to hitch a ride home. & the car won't be fixed until tomorrow, so I will be catching a ride with a girl in my class. Even though the last few days have been stressful + overwhelming to say the least, I am so thankful that she lives right around the corner& that she is kind enough to give me a ride home. 

Also, I am missing N. It hit me over the last view days that being close to him day in & day out now is something that I do not want to take for granted. ever. We lived a part for so long and moving in together has been such a huge change for both of us. It hasn't been a walk in the park by any means, but being away has been a blessing in disguise, because I have had time to think about all the things I need to work on personally in our relationship. With that being said, I can't wait to get back & give him a big ol' hug + smooch! ha!

I also wanted to share a little inspiration that I doodled today while in class. I keep trying to remind myself on a daily basis that my happiness is a choice & if I want to be happy then I need to be happy.

So. NOTE TO SELF: Choose to be happy every day of your life.

So go be happy, friends! xx