Hi friends! Just wanted to drop in + say hi & let you all know that I am alive + well, well kinda! Since last Wednesday I have been under the weather. These dang allergies just won't leave me alone. & on top of the sickies I am finishing up my final rotation this week & have been studying my little tush off for my exam + practical that I have next Monday + Tuesday.  I also have to pack for the next two weeks because Sunday I am heading home until my graduation on May 18th (yipee!) So unfortunately, I mayyyy be MIA for the rest of the week. So keep me in your thoughts! 

& this pictures makes me really jealous of everyone that can go to a beach. I seriously miss having a beach right around the corner since moving to DC. So when I am home for the next two weeks, you will find me many of afternoons + weekends lounging at the beach with my toes in the sand #hurryupweekend.

oh & p.s. I will be back next week for the regular wednesday four favorites link up! -- but link-up below!