Hi, friends! Hope your Friday is off to a good start. I did have a super cute outfit post put together for you, butttt I have zero inspiration or drive to finish it because my brain is complete M U S H. I have been studying non-stop all week long (with a few iced coffee breaks here + there) & I still have a week & a half to go until my exam. I catch myself trying to do something blog related & it takes 10 times as long as it normally would for me to put a post together, so it just ain't happening today. 

Good new is, I will get a little afternoon break with one of my close friends Rosa. We are headed to see World War Z + grab some cupcakes. It will be a nice break, but then it will be back to studying for this girl. 

Next week + part of the following week I have a wonderful group of ladies lined up to keep you all entertained. Sunday I am leaving for Atlantic City for the week, but trust you me, not for pleasure. I will be in a room from 7 AM - 6 PM everyday for a Board Review Course. I will be living off red bulls + ice coffees all week (yay!). I hoping that I will be able to head down to the beach in the evenings for a little bit, but I'm not holding my breathe. I will probably want to head back to the room & zonk out. 

I will try to pop in occasionally (no promises) to say hi! Until then, wish my luck & keep me in your prayers!


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