As winter finally, if somewhat reluctantly, gives way to spring, the shops move with the seasons and start to fill their window displays with summer shorts, cotton ladies dresses, vest style t-shirts and lightweight summer cardigans to cover up with on an evening as the sun goes down.

It may not quite be the weather to get out the bikini just yet, but the hint of sun suggests it is time to start planning some summer essentials and getting your body beach ready.

Hats - a must have for anyone who is conscious about skin cancer and the effects of the sun on your skin. This year the 2013 summer will see a return to the trend of big headgear inspired by baseball, with bold colours, strong patterns and some really daring looks for your head for those that have the nerve to wear them

Dresses; a happy hello is extended to the wrap around dress. A must have for women of any shape and size as they compliment all. Wrap dresses can be worn to wander along the beach in the day time and then matched with more striking heels in the evening to make a subtle but impressive switch from day to nightwear.

The relics of the eighties will continue to haunt their way back into our wardrobes. In the summer of 2013 we are expecting to see streets full of tie die shorts and t shirts as the clothes that a generation tried to forget are hitting the high street again and are more popular than ever.

In a similar vein, Doc Martin boots are the must have footwear accessories to wear with jeans this year. For the more adventurous you can even pair them with shorts and skirts - possibly one for the younger crowd but still a must have for a follower of fashion.

The theme for accessories remains bigger is better, chunky necklaces, wrap bracelets and earrings that dangle will dominate the catwalk as the summer progresses and pretty patterned scarves continue to adorn necklines as they manage to impact all the seasons and drift across from winter into a spring wardrobe.

*this post is from a guest blogger. none of these words are my own.*