For the past two years my twin sister and best friend, Lar, has been living in Scotland with her husband. This means that I’ve spent every cent I’ve earned over the past two years on traveling to meet up with her. I’m no travel expert (I still have a tendency to pack too many shoes), but I have learned a few things along the way. When Ashlyn asked about guest posting, I was right in the middle of buying my plane ticket to Italy - Lar and I are meeting up there this summer - so I thought I’d do a travel-related post. Read on for my top four travel/packing tips.

The Longchamp Le Pliage is such a trusty standby. I don’t usually bring a purse with me on the plane. I hate having to lug multiple bags around with me at the airport so I just use a backpack and have a folded up Le Pliage in my suitcase. The Le Pliage goes with almost every outfit and is roomy enough for multiple maps, brochures, a water bottle and snacks. Extra tip: if you don’t own a Longchamp and are traveling to Europe, hold out and buy one there. Even with the exchange rate, they’re slightly cheaper in Europe.

Even when I’m traveling during the summer months I always pack a lot of layers. Hoodies and scarves are lifesavers on cold, overnight flights and a light jacket becomes your best friend on chilly summer evenings. Knitted or denim materials are the best because they still look great even if you’ve had it crammed in your purse for most of the day. 

Even for long trips I usually only pack about five tops, two pairs of pants, a skirt and a dress or two. If you’re not staying someplace with a washing machine, use the bathroom sink and Woolite to clean your clothes (I’ve also used shampoo in a pinch). Febreze is great for in between washings.

Hats can add a bit of pizzazz to an outfit - especially if you’ve been wearing the same five tops over and over again. Plus they’re great for days that you have travel hair - you know that flat, greasy feeling you get when you’ve been sitting on a plane/train/bus for hours. Look for hats that can be folded or smushed in your luggage. I’m still on the lookout for a stylish, collapsible straw hat for Italy. Drop me a line if you have a recommendation!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. A big thank you to Ashlyn for letting me blabber about travel stuff on her lovely blog!

xoxo, Cath