Expressing Individuality Through Bridal Accessories

The wedding day is a special occasion that the bride, groom and guests remember for a lifetime. Every detail is carefully planned months in advance, so that the couple can have their fairytale come true. Many modern women want to balance the expression of their individuality with the angelic, classic aesthetic that we’ve all become so familiar with. While some brides are completely shrugging off traditional garbs and opting get married in outfits that bare little resemblance to a conventional wedding dress, others are finding that their answer lies in pairing the establish white gowns with unique accessories. 

Bridal Shoes

Some brides want to make a statement with their bridal shoes, veering off the traditional path of the conservative white or ivory pumps. Offbeat footwear is a wonderfully subtle way to make yourself stand out from a sea of brides. Cowboy boots, sneakers, army boots, sandals and rain galoshes are being seen more frequently as women desire to add a playful touch to an otherwise formal look. Even if the style of the shoe remains traditional, why not express your individuality through color? Make your heels vibrant as they peak from underneath your white gown, a look that is especially lovely in the summery months.


Bridal veils – they’re more diverse than you might think. While some of us might swoon at the idea of featuring a long, bulky veil like Princess Diana’s, retailers like David’s Bridal allow you to browse through a wide selection, filtered specifically by length so you can find something for fitting for you; for a jazzy touch, add a blusher netted veil that grazes your cheeks of chin; for a whimsically retro look, feature a short veil that is fastened to a tilted headpiece; and for a vintage, romantic look, why not feature a medium veil with feminine lace trim that is attached to an upswept hairdo; and, to give the impression of classic elegance, let your veil cascade down to the floor. And don’t forget, you can give this traditional piece an air of modernism with tinted fabrics and soft embellishments. 


For those women who want to add dress up their hair without the weight of a veil, there is the increasingly popular headband. This is particularly well liked among “boho” brides, as companies like Summer Blossom offer headbands that are modeled after the carefree flower crowns we associate with childlike pureness. However, this adaptable accessory can easily be incorporated into other common types of nuptials. Those who loved the Great Gatsby will find plenty of this hairpiece that includes feathers, sparkly gems, colorful brooches and intricate metal work; modern brides who want to differentiate themselves from previous generations can wear a minimalistic design in their tresses to embody the elegance of the veil without the antiquated associations. And don’t forget, headbands also provide functionality, as they prevent careless strands of escaping during those windy photo shoots.


Many brides love the idea of incorporating color into their outfit, but shutter the idea of pulling a Sarah-Jessica-Parker and wearing all black during their nuptials. If you want to don traditional white but long for the drama of rich hues, why not add an accent through a sash across your waist. Many brides are finding this look to be a understated way to make their gowns distinctly their own, as well as add the appearance of an ultra-slim middle. Easy to incorporate into a variety of themes, this accessory can be a simple bow, dressed with Swarovski crystals, feature vintage-styled beadwork, made from modernly dark lace and more.


The bouquet almost seems like an extension of the bride’s arm, so why not use it to establish your personality? Of course there are plenty of the options with which we are familiar with, like peonies, roses, lilies, orchids and the dozens of other flowers. However, no matter the bloom, personalize your bouquet with lovely touches like incorporating your grandmother’s pendent or polished pearls. You can take the individuality a step further to feature the new trend of non-floral bouquets. More and more brides are embracing edible arrangements of candy or fruit, bouquets of artificial flowers made from paper or wood, or playful alternatives like balloons. S

So tell us ladies, when you’re daydreaming (or planning) your big day, what kind of accessories do you imagine yourself donning as you float down the aisle?

*Guest Blogger : Colleen