Good news! I don't have mono - YIPPEE! But I am still beyond tired. I really need to investigate what is going on in my life - maybe it's my diet, my non-existence exercise or who knows what. I just know that I am over feeling so drained + run down. I have been tempting to wake up early, even on the weekends so that my body is more use to it during the week. Since I woke up at 7:30 AM on Saturday & enjoy a cup of coffee with N, I was able to get a great deal of work done Saturday before I got together with Cathy for an afternoon filled with chatting, photoshoots, brunch & photoshop tutorials -- it's it what I would call a glorious blogger afternoon.

Sunday morning, N left bright and early to go out of town for a couple days (empty house = no bueno) & I had a work meeting at 7:30 AM. Yesterday afternoon I headed to Sur La Table & enjoyed a fun Macaron Mastering class with two of my neighbors. Let's just say I got bored pretty early & only wanted to eat the batter (!!). I managed to get some new Mac mineralized powder & smell the new Jo Malone Peonies & Blush Suede scent - which is officially on my wish list! 

Today is flying by, but I still have a great deal of client work to get done & hopefully get a work out in. The house is going to be lonely again tonight because N is still out of town. I really am not a fan of staying in a huge quiet house all alone, so I am already looking forward for him to get home tomorrow. How was yall's weekend?