There are very few people in the world that actually enjoy packing, and let’s face it; those people are a little weird. For most, packing is an unfortunate necessity that accompanies taking a trip or going on holiday. If you are anything like the majority of the population you are likely to leave your packing to the last minute possible, throw in a collection of anything that is clean and reach your destination with ten vest tops and only one pair of knickers. 

Packing evangelists will tell you that the key is in the preparation and that you need to make a list, pack and then repack your bag to make sure that you have everything that you need. But who on earth has the time for that? You can pack for a holiday quickly and easily by sticking to a few key items. Your holiday is not the time to rediscover that dress you haven’t worn since you were 16, or wear in a brand new pair of shoes on the dance floor in a club abroad. You can find an outfit for just about any occasion from a small summer holiday capsule 

Maxi dresses are fantastic, and in warm climates often keep you cooler that short skirts and dresses because of the billowy fabric and shade beneath. If you don’t already own one, or you’d like a new one for your holiday take a look at George's maxi dresses for some wonderful styles at great prices. Maxis are fab for wearing out to dinner in the evenings as well as for a touch of class when perusing the shops. 

Whether you prefer a bikini, a one-piece or a tankini, the one thing you are sure to need on a summer sun holiday is swimwear. Take a few sets, and wash worn ones in the sink between wears if you are staying a while. These take up very limited bag space so don’t worry about packing an extra or two. Take swimsuits that you feel fabulous in and you will shine at the 

One pair of sunnies, and only one pair. You will not need anymore than a pair on your face or in your bag. You can’t wear two pairs at once, there is no fear of them getting dirty and needing to go through the washing machine, so find a pair you love and remain faithful to 
them for the duration of the holiday. 

Take a couple of pairs of neutral shorts so that you can mix and match what tops you can pair them with. You can wear these during the day or out partying in the evening, depending on what you wear them with and how you accessorise. Shorts are perfect for a quick transition from day to night wear so you don’t have to change before hitting the cocktails. Pack a mixture of a few day tops and a few fancier evening ones.

Pack smart, but don’t get hung up on lists and packing etiquette. Even those that pack perfectly will probably only wear half of the things they take. Go for comfort; with a few things you could wear out for a meal and that will be your holiday look sorted. Bon voyage!