Eco Diva Beauty + One Love Organics

A couple months back, I was introduced to Eco Diva Beauty - an online natural beauty boutique co-owned by the beautiful Garcy Fry. This online beauty store specializes in natural & organic beauty products. One of the lines of beauty that they carry is One Love Organics & let me just say that these three products above changed my life! & let me tell you why:

VITAMIN D (Active Moisture Time Release):  Most of us lack Vitamin D (remember this post). Our bodies either don't produce enough, doesn't know how to convert it, or we aren't getting enough. This Vitamin D mist is an all natural source of Vitamin D for our skin. It helps sooth irritation & redness, as well as help prevent breakouts by keeping skin clear. This time release formula provides long-lasting hydration with a hint of rose extract, that helps protect against all those nasty environmental chemicals. You can mist a cleansed face, spritz throughout the day, or set your makeup! This all around amazing product is by far one of my favorite One Love Organics products that I have tried to date. My bottle is almost empty - so I am thinking I will need to invest in other bottle!

ROSE (Aromatic Body Serum): This body mist is absolutely fabulous. It is full of amazing ingredients such as Pumpkin Seed Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil & Rose. These ingredients help nourish + condition the skin, provide light exfoliation to refine + improve skin texture, as well as sooth, soften + hydrate. I use this serum daily when I jump out of the shower, especially after shaving my legs. A lot of times lotion tends to irritate my newly shaved legs, but the Rose Body Serum does just the opposite (plus I feel extra special). You can even run some of the serum through your hands + apply to your hair to help soften it. It may make your hair a tad oily if it is dry, but I tend to use it before I dry my hair. (N always notices the soft gentle rose smell too!).

VITAMIN B (Active Moisture Cleansing + Makeup Remover): Seriously, life saver in a bottle! I seem to have the hardest time finding the perfect makeup + eye makeup remover. Let alone, one that is actually healthy for my skin & eyes + doesn't strip them of all the good things. This unique formula contains papain, a fruit enzyme that helps gently exfoliate + soften the skin. It also helps restore the skins natural pH balance. Overall, this makeup remover is gentle, it smells fabulous & you don't have to use a ton. It is used on a dry face with 1-2 pumps warmed between your hands & rinsed clean. You can also use it with a cotton swab with no rinse necessary. 

Have you ever tried One Love Organics? If so, what was your favorite product?

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