Short Hair Don't Care


I am sure you all have noticed by now that I have short hair. I am truly sorry if I have been confusing you with still posting pictures with my long hair, but I am officially out of pictures with long hair (YAY!). Even three weeks later, I still can't believe that I chopped 8 inches off my hair! It was a big change for me, since I have been trying to grow it long for a little over two years now. So far I am loving it short! It is easier to take care of, manage & I can even go an extra day without washing it. When I had long hair, I had to wash + dry it daily because it would tend to get super oily + dry. I have even stopped using conditioner on a regular basis - actually I am only using it once a week (if that). I have noticed that my scalp isn't as oily + that my hair doesn't frizz as much. Are you on the short hair don't care bandwagon?


photos by Cathy 


Forever 21 Dress (option & option), Madewell Frankie Pumps, Philip Lim for Target (option), Gold Hanger Necklace (option), c/o Maya Brenner Designs Necklace, Michael Kors Watch, c/o Hanson Designs Tassel Necklace, Heart Ring ( option & option), Diamond Shaped Ring (option)