Coffee Talk

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I've been meaning to add a little bit of life on this little ol' blog of mine & what better way then to share with you what my current state of mind is. I first spotted Ashley's Thursday Thoughts post a while back, along with Laura's Currently posts and was immediately intrigued. I just love learning about people, so I thought what the heck, "I want my readers to learn more about me." -- So here it goes!

FEELING: A tad bit overwhelmed. I feel like there is never enough time in the day to get everything that I want done, done. I have a  laundry lists of things to do & only a fraction of them get completed. I feel like the house is an never ending mess & the bed is never made. My office gives me anxiety every time I step into it because it isn't organized & I just don't have the time to sit down & complete it, so for now I am sprawled out on the kitchen bar (which works for now, until I get bored.) 

LISTENING TO: Tinsley snoring on the couch peacefully. I wish my life consisted of eating, sleeping & playing with toys. 

THANKFUL FOR: Last week, I spent 7 days in Albany, NY with my best friend, her husband + their new addition. I am so thank-ful that N bought me a plane ticket to travel to see her. & I am more than thank-ful that Holly asked me to be Hadley's Godmother. I def cried some tears of joy. Looking forward to being a positive role model in Hadley's life.

THINKING ABOUT:  I am super duper excited for Valentine's Day. This silly little holiday is full of hearts & smooches & flowers & red + pink & glitter & LOVEEEE, oh my! Story time: Growing up my mom had the most amazing Valentine's table & every year she adds new things too it. Some of my younger friends always thought it was too much, but shame on them because it is beyond magical. So thanks to my mom I have an undying love for Valentine's Day

(so don't forget this year N, ha I kid!).

EATING: With the DC snow day, I decided to whip up some homemade chili. It is a family recipe that changes every time I make it because it is all from scratch. I remember the first time I called my mom for the "recipe" & she was like there is no recipe, it's just a bunch of ingredients that you throw together. & let me just say, I make some pretty darn good chili & it's even better the second + third day!

WATCHING: I love my DVR & I am not sure if I could survive without it. I have so many shows lined up & I can't wait to dig in catch up. Some of my current favorites: Revenge, Vampire Diaries, Betrayal, Scandal, New Girl & The Originals. *I can't list all of my shows or you might think that I have a problem, which I'm sure I do. ha!

LOVING: My love for color grows by the day & I realize that is truly affects your mood. When I am wearing brighter colors + fun patterns I feel happier. & when I wear darks + neutrals (which I still love, btw) I feel a little down. So when I ran by Lowe's last week to check out the magical Pantone Universe, I truly was in awe of how pretty it was in person. I grabbed 10's no 100's of Pantone Universe paint card & can't wait to play around with them!.

Hope you have a swell day friends! & Let me know how you are feeling in the comments below. Cheers! xo