Coffee Talk


It's time for another coffee date, sweet friends. Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little last week, because I actually enjoyed getting a tad bit personal. Have a wonderful Thursday!

FEELING:  Super duper excited  to be apart of the Pursue Workshop Giveaway. I am giving away a one-of-a-kind set of business cards, completely customized with a whole lotta love by me over on instagram. You should go check it out & enter away! (p.s. also included in the giveaway is prettiness from Cake For Breakfast, Ashley Brooke Designs, Simply Jessica Marie, & Lindsay Letters!)

LISTENING TO: Timber by Pitball ft. Kesha. Yah don't judge me, but I love getting my shimmy on whenever that song comes on. & I think my neighbors probably know that I have an obsession to that song because it is currently the only song in my spotify playlist...while im in the shower. TMI.

THANKFUL FOR: I am so thankful that my parents are another year old! So let me digress, within the last week my parents have both added another candle to their birthday cake. I am sad, that I couldn't be there to celebrate with either of them, but I am so blessed that both of my parents are still enjoying life. I love them more than words can describe & miss them dearly every day. Missing their birthdays wasn't easy, since I haven't missed their birthday since I was born, so yah the last week or so has been a tough one. 

THINKING ABOUT: When the heck am I going to finish my new redesign of my blog? I mean, I feel like I have been working on it forever & it just needs to be completed already. I am honestly the worlds worst procrastinator & I am sure once I get it complete I will feel WAY more accomplished & I need that self-esteem boost right now. So note to self:get your bootay into gear & get your site done! You'll love yourself for it!

EATING: I am in the mood for cheese fries. I haven't had amazing-legit-extra-crispy-loads-of-cheese-&-extra-ranch cheese fries in a good while. So def. need to get some in my belly soon.

WATCHING: Last night, N + I decided to crack open a bottle of wine & catch up on some of our shows, le duh. We watched Vampire Diaries + The Originals, which by far of two of my favorite shows on tv. But last night, I declared that I wanna hang out with Nina Debrov & become bff, I mean I even tweeted about it. Plus she is bff with Julianna Hough, so that just seals the deal right there. 

LOVING: Madewell's new collection is on point, my friends. I worked on Tuesday & I couldn't get over all the cute shirts & new shoes ! ahhhh. I want to buy errrrything (like this printed teestriped skirtcalf hair wallet + cobalt shoes !) but I can't, so I will just stare in aww & continue to pin them to pinterest