Photography is Truth

How can one find the truth of yesterday if not looking at a photo that was made yesterday?

Photography is constantly searching for truth and once it is found it gets captured. Photographers are the artistic investigators of validity. There is genuineness everywhere around us and that is what photographs are all about. This art has to deal with real life. There are always some Miami photographers who are taking pictures of the beautiful Everglades national park, there are always tourists doing the same thing. The results are the beautiful pictures, which in both cases portray the truth about that National Park, of course at different levels of quality of photographing.  It goes like this for every phenomenon or place that is ever photographed. Images of real life tell us the true story behind it. How do we know that Charlie Chaplin had a mustache? There is a photo and a movie with him. How do we know that taking a vacation on Maldives Islands is a good idea if we have never been there? There is a photo of that blue heaven that looks awesome. That is the truth with its super banal examples but that is what photography is all about. Even if you are choosing to make a photo shoot on a hot beach with one of the best Miami photographers and he will use a little bit of Photoshop, it will not change you in a better direction it will change the general view of the image in a better way. There is still going to be the truth, which rules the photograph. Reality is what makes every image so powerful. It has the power to make us feel happiness, sadness and a bunch of other emotions. There is always something terrifying about a picture, because it is so full of life even if it is only an object.  It is not moving, it is not thinking, it is not breathing but it makes us feel a fire within our souls and it can take us to the past or to other worlds. This is the sweet and at the same time terrifying truth about photography. So photography is one great way to find the truth about the past, about the places we have never been to or about the people we have never met. Every day, photography is searching and it is finding the truth of life. Photography is truth.